Origination O2D

Origination – A new name for a long-established business

Since its family beginning in 1945, Feed Products North, Inc. has been a leading distributor of high-quality animal feed ingredients. Over the course of nearly seven decades, our business has grown and evolved. We have moved into several new product lines and expanded by purchasing additional facilities delivering to new distribution networks. To more accurately represent our growth and values, we have chosen a new name: Origination (O2D) — a nod to the exceptional origin-to-destination quality and value we deliver to our customers. We will be operating under a new name, Origination, Inc. Rest assured however, we will remain true to the ideals and business practices that shaped Feed Products North and which have sustained us through the decades.

DCAD Balancing Products



MegAnion is a palatable feed supplement for non-lactating transition cows, providing a high source of anionic minerals within an organic complex.

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K-Carb Plus


Improved Potassium Carbonate Handling K-Carb Plus can safely deliver potassium and increase recommended DCAD levels critical to dairy cattle during early or peak lactation.

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A phytase for maximum phytate destruction and feed conversion.

Smizyme is an enhanced Ecoli derived 6-phytase developed by Beijing Smile and experts from Biotechnology Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science (CAAS).

Repetitive animal trials have shown that Smizyme provides exceptional performance and benefits. Smizyme works rapidly once ingested, remains highly active at gastric pH and has enhanced resistance to proteolytic digestive enzymes.  Smizyme quickly breaks down phytate, even at low concentrations and removes the anti-nutrient effects, significantly increasing the availability of phosphorus, calcium, mineral ions, energy and amino acids to animals.  Smizyme offers significant cost savings while maximizing productivity and performance.

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Feed Ingredients

Feed ingredient customers in the North Midwest have the opportunity to receive…

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Fertilizer Products

Providing INNOVATIVE N-P-K NUTRIENTS. Professional Turf, Lawn & Garden and…

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Industrial Products

Origination O2D, Inc. offers minerals and compounds for select industrial and commercial…

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Ice Melt Products

Quick-Melt, Green Origins
Ice Melt,
Ice Disintegrator…

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Maplewood Location
1300 McKnight Road North, Maplewood, MN 55119
Phone: 800-625-6079 – info@originationo2d.com

Rosemount Location
13095 Courthouse Blvd, Rosemount, MN 55068
Phone: 800-625-6079 – info@originationo2d.com

Origination, Inc.
Big Soo Terminal
Sioux City, IA
4101 Harbor Drive
Sioux City, IA 51111

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Origination, Inc.
ADM Terminal Services
Camanche, IA
1419 N Washington Blvd
Camanche, IA 52730

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Origination, Inc.
Curry Bean Storage
Filer, ID
21300 C Highway 30
Filer, ID 83328

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Origination, Inc.
Fox Valley Alfalfa Mill
Hilbert, WI
508 North 3rd Street
Hilbert, WI 54129

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Origination, Inc.
ILC Alden
Alden, IA
800 River Drive
Alden, IA 50006

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Origination, Inc.
Mountain Z Enterprises
Ripon, CA
337 East 4th Street, Bldg C
Ripon, Ca 95366

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We remain true to the ideals that Earl Fallin brought to the company nearly seven decades ago… ideals that continue to be the driving force behind our commitment to the highest product quality, exceptional value, and second-to-none customer service.