Origination – A new name for a long-established business

Since its family beginning in 1945, Feed Products North, Inc. has been a leading distributor of high-quality animal feed ingredients. Over the course of nearly seven decades, our business has grown and evolved. We have moved into several new product lines and expanded by purchasing additional facilities delivering to new distribution networks. To more accurately represent our growth and values, we have chosen a new name: Origination (O2D) — a nod to the exceptional origin-to-destination quality and value we deliver to our customers. We will be operating under a new name, Origination, Inc. Rest assured however, we will remain true to the ideals and business practices that shaped Feed Products North and which have sustained us through the decades.


Origination O2D, Inc., began operations in 1945 as American Phosphate Company, which later became Feed Products North, Inc.

The founder of American Phosphate Company was Earl Fallin, a chemical and mechanical engineer. He patented a process to produce low-fluorine dicalcium phosphate, leading to a significant improvement in the processing of phosphorus for animal feed.

Earl’s sons eventually took over the business, and in 1996 John C. Fallin established Feed Products North, Inc. In 1998, the company acquired the assets of Bulk Storage Services and moved its headquarters and main production to Maplewood, Minnesota.

From the start, Feed Products North developed a solid reputation for providing superior quality feed ingredients. Today these products are delivered to customers in a highly efficient, cost-effective origin-to-destination manner, involving river, road, and rail.

In 2010, Feed Products North acquired a portion of Continental Nitrogen Resources. In 2012, the company became Origination O2D, Inc., a name that reflects origin-to-destination value proposition, as well as a constantly expanding product line. Besides a continuing strong commitment to feed ingredients, the Origination O2D product line now extends to natural and organic fertilizers for the turf industry. In addition, Origination O2D offers a variety of industrial products, including ice melt, soda ash, urea and floor absorbent.

Even though the name has changed, Origination O2D remains true to the ideals that Earl Fallin brought to the company nearly seven decades ago…ideals that continue to be the driving force behind our commitment to the highest product quality, exceptional value, and second-to-none customer service.